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Yamanashi Prefecture is one of the few landlocked Prefectures that can be found in Japan, as most of the Prefectures in the country share their border with a body of water. The Prefecture is full of beautiful scenery, and it can be the perfect way to escape from the busy streets of Tokyo. It usually takes around a 1 ½ to get to the region from Tokyo.

You can find the Northern half of the famed Mount Fuji within the Prefecture, as well as the world renowned Fuji Five Lakes resort area. The resort area itself consists of a number of different lake resorts near the base of Mount Fuji, and the entire area is surrounded by mountainous landscapes and forests. One of the lakes, Lake Sai, banks on the infamous Aokigahara Jukai Forest.

The natural scenery really makes the area stand out, and it draws both Japanese travellers and tourists from abroad to the Prefecture. You can go hiking in the forests, climb up some of the mountainous terrains, or simply relax in a local onsen. Glassware, paper-making, and weaving are the traditional crafts that the Prefecture still holds close, and you can find shops that sell specialised goods.

If you begin to want for a little bit more of a fast paced environment, then you could visit the world famous Fuji-Q Highland in Fujiyoshida, which lies on the Southern edge of the Prefecture. The theme park used to boast the tallest rollercoaster in the world, and it still features the second largest haunted attraction. Or, you could go and see the Fujiyoshida Fire Festival in the last week of August, marking the end of the summer climbing season on Mount Fuji.

Do not forget to leave a space for Lake Kawaguchi on your itinerary, as it can be easily accessed from the main stations in Tokyo. A lot of the most famous photographs of Mount Fuji were taken from the shores of the lake, so you should see if you can take one for yourself.

Neighborhood of Yamanashi

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Spots in Yamanashi

Nirasaki Omura Art Museum

Omuro Sengen Shrine (Shimosengen)

Yamanashi Fuehukigawa Fruit Park

Ojiragawa Canyon

Michi no Eki Nirasaki

Kawaguchiko Sarumawashi Theater

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