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Tochigi Prefecture can be found among the other inland Prefectures in the northern part of the Kanto region. It is one of only a handful of Japanese Prefectures that does not border a body of water.

Have you ever tried a Gyoza? If you haven’t, then you should join the thousands of visitors that flock to the annual Gyoza Dumplings Festival in Tochigi Prefecture, which occurs in the Castle Ruins Park. Numerous different vendors give you the opportunity to taste multiple different fillings, all at once.

Tochigi Prefecture is often referred to by locals as a ‘Strawberry Kingdom’, as the region has spent a lot of time researching advanced cultivation techniques to consistently product strawberries for Japan’s leading brands. You can actually go on an all-day strawberry eating tour in the region.

Nikko is a small town that can be found at the entrance to Nikko National Park. Inside of the park, you can find Toshogu, which is one of the most decorated shrines in Japan. It is a place that is renowned for both Shinto and Buddhist mountain worship for centuries, and the natural beauty of the region has led to it becoming a UNESCO World Heritage Site.

Inside of Nikko National Park, you can find a variety of landscapes, ranging from the beautiful Lake Chuzenji to an array of natural hot springs. You are welcome to go hiking along any of the hiking trails within the park, and see whether or not you can spot the monkeys bathing in the hot springs while you do.

The Prefecture itself is also the perfect destination for people who enjoy winter sports. You can find a lot of ski resorts in Nasu, as well as some beautiful onsen sites. You can also participate in drinking the sake that the small area is renowned for.

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Takahashi Shrine

Oyama City Kurumaya Art Museum

Kirifuri Waterfall

Tochigi Prefectural Museum

Yonoka Shiobara Road Station

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