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Shizuoka Prefecture can be found nestled along the coast of the Pacific Coast. It holds some of the most beautiful spots in the country, including the coastline that lies along the Pacific Ocean. Tea is often exported from the Prefecture, and the green tea plantations can be seen across the rolling countryside.

Mount Fuji draws thousands of tourists to Shizuoka Prefecture every year, and it proves to be one of the prettiest sights in Japan. It is an iconic image, and it is easy to see why the perfectly shaped volcano has been worshipped as a sacred mountain for centuries. It proves to be the highest mountain in the country, standing at 3776-meters tall.

A lot of travellers go on pre-planned tours throughout the region, as it can be a little bit difficult to get around on your own without a car. If your desire is to relax while you travel in Japan, then you should venture to Shimoda in the South of Shizuoka Prefecture. The beachside community is famous for hot spring resorts and beaches, and the beauty of the area attracts vast numbers of tourists during the summer.

Shimoda is also the home of the annual Black Ship Festival, which honours the opening of Japan to the rest of the world. As a country, Japan was cut off for centuries. It took a lot of strong people to allow travel in and out of the country to be possible again. The festival proves to be the most popular festival in the region.

Pokémon fans will also fall in love with the small beachside community, which was the inspiration for Pallet Town in the video games and the anime series. Whether you want to go and sunbathe on the beach, or go and climb up Mount Fuji during the right season, you can do it all in Shizuoka Prefecture.

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