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Okayama Prefecture can be found in the Southern area of Honshu. It is just to the East of Hiroshima Prefecture, and just to the South of Tottori Prefecture. The Prefecture itself is not made up of a single land mass, as it also includes 90 separate islands.

The Prefecture itself is made up mostly of a number of rural landscapes, and the culture of the region can be found within the numerous feudal castles and art museums which are spread across it. Okayama Prefecture is actually famous for something called Bizen-yaki, which is a type of red coloured Japanese pottery. It is a lot harder than standard pottery, due to the temperature at which it was made.

Any traveller making the trip to Okayama Prefecture should go to Okayama Castle, in the city of Okayama. It has earnt the nickname Crow Castle, or ‘Castle of the Black Bird’, as it has a black exterior. It is quite unlike any of the other buildings that you will find in the country. The roof has been adorned with statues of shachihoko, which has the head of a tiger and the body of a carp. People believe that they can make the rain fall, so they are thought to protect the temples from a fire.

One of the main attractions that brings travellers to Okayama Prefecture would have to be Korakuen Garden, which is regarded to be one of the three best landscape gardens in Japan, according to the Japanese government. It features groves of perfectly planted cherry, plum, and maple trees, and there are a number of walking paths that go over streams, around a large pond, and right up to a lookout point.

A trip to Okayama Prefecture would be a peaceful one, as there are dozens of gardens, art museums, and castles for you to view at your own leisure. The traveller that seeks culture would be in heaven.

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