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Ishikawa Prefecture is a rather small area that can be found nestled along the coast of the Sea of Japan. The area is known to be a haven for arts and crafts lovers, and it upholds a lot of cultural traditions that can no longer be found in other parts of Japan.

Often the tourists who visit Ishikawa Prefecture go for the arts and crafts, or to get a photograph of Senmaida, better known as ‘1000 Rice Fields’. The city that it is located in, Wajima, can be found near the Northernmost area of Iwate, and it is one of the most scenic places that you can visit while there. It is worth noting that there are actually 1004 rice paddies, so if you start counting you may be disappointed. Visitors to the area are welcome to view the fields from above or take a leisurely stroll through them.

If you venture slightly further down the Western Coast of Ishikawa Prefecture, then you will find yourself in Kanazawa. The area is often affectionately referred to as ‘Little Kyoto’, as it features a thriving tea district known as Higashi Chaya. You can also find Kenroku-en Garden in the city, which is one of the three most famous gardens in the whole of Japan. It took a grand total of 170 years to build.

The area has been famous for the traditional crafts that it offers for centuries, with collectors all around the world still hunting for their desired piece of Kutani porcelain. It focuses on detail, and each piece aims to be just as captivating as the next. Kanazawa is famous for producing exceptional lacquerware and gold leaf items.

Don’t be worried about getting to Ishikawa Prefecture, you can actually take a train directly from either Kansai or Tokyo and be there relatively quickly. Ishikawa Prefecture is worth the small journey.

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