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Fukushima Prefecture can be found on the eastern side of Japan, and it is the Southernmost Prefecture in the Tohoku region. It is also the closest Prefecture to Tokyo.

When the majority of foreign travellers think about Fukushima, they will immediately think of the nuclear disaster that occurred in the region in 2011. The reality is that the region has so much to offer to a traveller who is willing to explore and most of the region is perfectly safe to visit.

Fukushima is actually divided by several mountain ranges, and the entire Prefecture is often viewed as three different areas due to this mountainous landscape. The areas are called Hamadori, Nakadori, and Aizu.

Hamadori is right next to the Pacific Ocean, and it is the flattest and most temperate part of the region. Nakadori makes up central Fukushima, and it is the heart of agriculture in the Prefecture. Aizu is the furthest inland, and it is known for the scenic beauty that surrounds it. Due to the different terrains that can be found in the region, 13% of the total land area is covered by designated national parks.

Tourists flock to Soma-Nomaoi, a festival that occurs on a yearly basis in the Soma District of Fukushima. As a district, Soma is famous for horse-breeding, and this particular event has been going on because of that for more than a thousand years. It is considered to be an important cultural event in Japan, so it is easy to see why it attracts so much attention from locals and travellers alike. Horse riders dress up in authentic samurai attire, and they can be seen racing, chasing, and having contests that imitate battle with wild horses.

You should try not to let your initial thoughts of Fukushima stop you from visiting the region, as the beauty of the region will captivate you.

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