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kawaii style drawing of a house and sun

Guide to the Kawaii Culture of Tokyo

Photo from Pixabay You could argue that kawaii culture is perhaps Japan’s biggest influence on the world. The over-the-top colourful childlike cuteness typical of all things ‘kawaii’ can be seen far beyond the country the culture took its first breath in. Its impact is felt

Tips on sports in Japan

Sport in Japan is taken very seriously, and can provide a get-away activity for many frantic workers. If you are visiting for just over a short period of time or are considering living in Japan – sport is a way of chilling and ‘taking a

Planning a trip to Japan – Useful Websites

For those who are planning a visit to Japan – researching places of interest is a must! As a country that has much to offer in terms of culture, shopping and modern attractions, internet is a handy resource to use to research what suits you

Unique School Events in Japan

Living in Japan, what I personally found was rather unique to European and American counterparts, were the school events hosted in the majority of schools throughout the country. The enthusiasm as every single pupil takes part (no one is left out), and the range of

Unique facts about Japanese office workers

There is no secret that office workers are classified as office-planktons in the wide ocean of work. They are known to have gruesome timetables, work in a small cubicle and dress in the appropriate office-plankton fashion. Japanese office workers also known as salarymen are a

Brought up in Japan and Living to tell the tale

  Being brought up in Japan is probably one of the most unique life experiences one can have – the blend of unique culture aspects, the prominently changing seasons and the efficiency of the main cities such as Tokyo and Kyoto stand out to any

Why Visiting Japan Again is a MUST

There’s nothing quite like one’s first trip to Japan. Whether you’re a seasoned traveler, or someone looking to decide which country to visit next, the Land of the Rising Sun always has something to offer for everyone. But after you’ve gone on your first trip,